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Edisto Island Trip

Edisto Island, South Carolina during spring break 2016.

My friend Taylor and I planned to go to the beach for spring break, so that’s what we did! Our arrival in Edisto started with us not being able to find the campgrounds, however we did find the beach. Even though it was SUPER cloudy when we first got there, we enjoyed finally getting out of the car after an almost six hour car ride (and it cleared up shortly after)!

Here is our (messy) cooking set up we had for the four days at camp. We grilled all of our meals in some way, except for one morning when we walked to a local store that had breakfast and one day for lunch we had subway. When we got subway we tried to eat underneath the pier but there were so many seagulls and the kept swooping at our heads and getting super close for food. It was really funny and scary!

This is what the back of our campsite looked like. We literally had a swamp right behind us!

We had so much extra space because we brought an 8 person tent! It got a little chilly at night but never too bad considering it was spring.


Every morning we woke up to a sunrise and free coffee! It was so amazing seeing the beautiful sunrise and walking on the beach. We would walk down the beach to “town” where there was a tiny coffee shop with a pier and the first morning we went there a woman we started talking to gave us A TON of flyers for free coffee. Drinking coffee and watching the sun rise every morning was one of my favorite parts of the trip honestly.

We hiked everywhere we wanted to go on the island. There were plenty of small trails scattered all throughout the brush before the sand of the beach. It looked very prehistoric (that’s how Taylor put it) especially because of the spanish moss hanging from the trees and the drooping palm leaves. The other pictures are from when we hiked along the beach just to explore a little. We found a rock jetty, a single crab, and so so many HUGE piles of broken shells.

One day we decided to get ice cream from a cute little shop in town. We were trying really hard to take a picture of both of us by ourselves but a nice family ended up taking it for us after several failed attempts on our part.

Most of the days we spent in Edisto were spent laying on the beach and (attempting) to swim in the ocean. Spring break is actually fairly early in the year so the ocean is still very cold but we swam a little anyways! Also here are some pictures where we buried ourselves when we got bored.

This picture was taken the last night of the trip when we walked the farthest down the beach. We probably walked over a mile down the beach into the little “rent houses” on the beach. It was super windy and so much fun just walking and exploring the seemingly endless beach.

I planned this trip pretty much all on my own (with a little assistance from Taylor). I booked the campsite, calculated gas cost, figured out food plans, and drove us to Edisto. I think I did a pretty good job considering this was my first ever trip I planed myself. It was a learning experience and a super fun trip!!